Smart Business Solutions - About Us

Smart Business Solutions - About Us

Our Story

Smart Business Solutions began like many other companies - we saw a need which wasn't being met by other local businesses, and we took the opportunity to solve that problem. Here is our story:

In 2005, my wife Sheila and I moved our family back to the area after 10 years of living in Charlotte, NC. While adjusting to being a stay-at-home mom, Sheila wanted to start a small project to help local families affected by major illnesses. I liked the ideas that she had and told her to call around for pricing on business cards, a brochure, and a website. And that's where things got interesting...

After being on the phone for the better part of a week, she was ready to give up on her idea. The designers didn't print; the printers didn't do layout work; the web companies didn't manage the site. She was at a loss. She wanted to get her project off the ground and start helping people, but couldn't get it done without paying 10 different people.

Having some previous design and coding experience, I offered to help her get things started. Knowing what she was going for as a design theme, I sat down and laid out a few mockups of cards and a brochure. I then matched that theme to a website layout, set up a hosting account, registered her domain name, and uploaded the site. Only THEN did she get to see what I had been working on. Her first words - "You need to be doing this for a living! This is better than what I imagined my stuff could look like.". A year later, Smart Business Solutions was born.

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Our Crazy Skills
Web Design 99%
HTML5 & CSS3 99%
JavaScript & jQuery 70%
Photoshop 90%
Who We Are?
"To provide our clients with a solid online presence and to support their growth through digital, social, and print media"
Our focus is on helping our clients succeed. We combine unparalleled service with high-quality products at an affordable price.
We have the ability to efficiently analyze not only our clients' market, but where your business is within that market. This allows us to help clients with a targeted, effective plan of action which can meet their goals at an accelerated pace.

We have worked with businesses in every stage of development. This allows us to bring the experiences of a mature business to a startup company, and to bring innovative, fresh ideas to a more established business.
Our Clients
Northeastern Sportfishing Charters
Hilltop Lawn Care
Pitbull Publishing
Legacy of Sorrow Series
Compass Home Health & Rehab
Timbertall Outfitters
Zeeke Graphix
Sinsational Features
RW Hart
Dutch Hill Soap Co.
Janet's Total Appearence Salon
JetWing, LLC.
Northpoint Auto & Equipment
Bach's Fitness
C&M Sanitation
Catfish Creek
Soaring Eagle Archery
The Upstairs Gallery
Sons of the American Legion