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Frequently Asked Questions - General
Over the years, we have worked with small to medium sized businesses in every sector including churches, non-profit organizations, beauty, healthcare, sporting goods and outdoor equipment. Larger companies have special needs and requirements which would demand too many resources. While we could service them, we choose not to. There are many providers out there who are more than happy to take on a larger client.
Web site projects start with a 50% deposit. After the design is signed off and before we move into programming, we collect 25%. Once we have completed and fulfilled our scope, the final 25% is collected and your website is then scheduled for launch. All print services are required to be prepaid in full after a final proof is approved and before order is placed.
Yes, we do. Most projects include a limited amount of copy and photo services. If extensive work is needed, we certainly can accomodate for an additional fee.
Frequently Asked Questions - Web Services
Our web site services are designed to be "hands-free" for you. We cater to businesses which either don't have the manpower or technical knowledge to oversee and maintain a web site on their own. We handle all aspects of setting up and maintaining the site for as long as you are a client of ours - which includes periodic updates! All you do is email, text or call us when you need an update done. Update frequency is based on which maintenance schedule you choose (once/month, bi-weekly, on-demand). Your schedule and costs are flexible to accomodate your needs and can be scaled on a yearly basis. Certain web applications (eCommerce systems) are the responsibilty of the client to oversee. For example: if you have an eCommerce site, you will be required to process orders, input products (including descriptions, pictures, etc.), and other functions necessary to run your online store. On-site training is included in all projects which require customer participation.
That's like asking how much a car costs. Do you need basic transportation or a luxury ride? There are vehicles that provide you with specific functions (limo, off-road truck, panel van) and there are vehicles that can serve many purposes (minivan, SUV, hybrid sedan). Web sites are a lot like that. The cost is dependant upon many different variables and how much work is involved in creating it. What I can tell you is this: You will receive a firm price quote after the initial consultation and we know the scope of your project. On average, our web site projects have a turnkey cost of between $750 and $1400 which includes your domain name, complete web site, and hosting and maintenance for the first year.
Absolutely! We wouldn't have it any other way. That's part of the process - getting YOUR thoughts and ideas on what YOUR web site needs to be. We can help guide you, but your web site needs to reflect you and your business.
Please see our "Development Process" page for complete information on how it works from start to launch (and further!).
Being that we only take on one development project at a time, it can be fairly quickly. A lot depends on the client getting us the information we need to build out the content for the site. If the client follows the planning schedule and is on time on their end, we have done sites in as little as one month. I normally say plan 30-60 days (longer for eCommerce or using specialized apps), but we can accomodate most timetables.
Absolutely. Even though we are maintaining the web site for you, ownership (and copyright if applicable) remain yours. If you grow to where you have the personnel to manage the site on your own, or you wish to transfer to another firm, we will do everything in our power to make sure the transition goes smoothly with as little disruption as possible to web traffic.
We don't mess with other people's code. As a rule, no we do not work on established web sites for a variety of reasons (liability being the big one!). Say we make some changes for you and the server crashes the following day. All you know is that your site worked fine yesterday when we worked on it and now it's broke.
Of course! Any client with web applications which are the client's responsiblity will receive on-site training. We want you to be comfortable knowing how to handle operations at your end. But don't worry - most of our web apps are pretty bullet proof. You will only have access to operations which you have been trained on, and if you do make a mistake - we can always fix it on our end. Most issues you would encounter after training can be solved over the phone or with a short on-site consultation.
Frequently Asked Questions - Print Services
Short answer - anything that can be printed on. With our nationwide network of printing partners, we can handle just about any size or scope of print project. Some of the items we have produced include: promotional items (pens, post-it notes, shoe horns, pill cases, buttons, mugs), apparel (hats and t-shirts), packaging (inserts, labels, custom bags and boxes), music CD's, and self-published books (including handling the copyright and ISBN). And of course, we handle any type of business media you can think of: business cards, brochures, NCR forms, post cards, presentation folders, etc.
No, we do not. We utilize a network of trusted US-based partners who we have worked with for years. Here's a couple of reasons why we do it this way:
#1) We can offer more options because we deal with a variety of printers, so we are not limited by what one printer can do
#2) We know which printer is the best option for your project
#3) We don't have to mark up your cost for upkeep and maintenance on our printing equipment (because we don't have any!)
Every printer and individual product is different, but one of the criteria for our printing partners is a quick turnaround. After 10 years in business, we know that most people do not order until the last minute - one of those "oh no! we only have 20 brochures left!" things. We understand. All of our printers offer in-plant rush and upgraded shipping for an additional fee when it's absolutely necessary. One of the perks to working with us is we automatically get bumped up in the queue due to our relationship with our partners. As an example, we have had business cards in the hands of our clients within 5 business days after submitting the order with no upgrade charges.
The process for printed items is pretty straightforward - we have a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with you to discuss your needs. Then a draft is produced and delivered to you via email or in person. When any changes are completed and a final draft is approved, payment is made in full and the order is submitted to the printer. When the products are ready, they are shipped to us for inspection. Only after they have been inspected and approved by us are they hand delivered to the client. Reorders (even with minor changes) can normally be handled via phone or email and paid for on our secure checkout (through PayPal®). Bottom line - we handle all of the legwork so you can focus on your business.
Local printers are often great people to work with. They know you and your business because they are right down the street. We even have a few local printers partnered with us to print certain products. The drawback is that you are limited to the products and services they can provide. We can choose from over 15 different US-based printing partners according to the products and services you need.
What Our Clients Say
Dakota Skye

“Mike is absolutely amazing!!!! I really suck at writing stuff like this, but I love him and he is the best!!!! He's always going the extra mile to help me and I can't thank him enough for everything he's done for my business over the years. Customer service is second to none!!!”

Dakota Skye / Sinsational Features
Bruce Ulrich

“I've been with SBS for 7 or 8 years now and they've done everything from my trade show signage to all of my literature and my website. They nail everything they do for me! It's nice to have a line of literature where everything matches and is high quality. It's also nice to pay one yearly fee for my site and know that everything is taken care of. ”

Bruce Ulrich / TimberTall Outfitters
Darla Hess

I really am grateful to have met and worked with Mike when I needed to set up a website. He has created a clear and informative site that is also creative and nice to look at. I have received compliments from my colleagues. He has always been eager to share new ideas and update the site as needed with many good solid suggestions. I appreciate that he continues to educate himself keeping himself informed of the latest technologies and strategies. He cares about his client's ever changing needs. He is someone I would trust to use his talents to give my business the best possible chance to succeed.

Darla Hess / Skillstarmaker