Portfolio: Mary & Robert Harrington

Project Description

This project was a labor of love and a true joy to be a part of. Mary Harrington had written poetry and painted for a good part of her life. During Mary's later years, her son, Robert, wanted to give her something she always dreamed of - all of her paintings and poetry together in one book.

This project took on a life of it's own! We started by collating Mary's poems from all of the scratch pads, notebooks, and binders which she had written in over the years. Robert transcribed the handwritten notes and organized them into a binder to work from. We then collected and photographed all of her paintings, hired a local artist to hand sketch pictures for one of the books, and finally took care of obtaining ISBNs and copyrights.

By the time it was all said and done, we published not one, but two different books (in three different formats!), held a press conference attended by a former governor of PA, had a little party, and realized the dreams of both Mary and Robert. I am just grateful I was able to be a part of it.

Mary passed away shortly after publishing her books, but Robert, being an accomplished pianist, has gone on to record and publish two music cds - Sojourners and Renaissance. His next project will be a coffee table book of remarkable photographs he has taken throughout his lifetime.

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