Portfolio: PA Barber & Cosmetology Association

Project Description

We've had the absolute pleasure of working with this organization since their inception and organization. The PABCA is a non-profit organization which promotes the well-being and professional growth of everyone in the beauty profession of Pennsylvania.

We've worked closely with them over the years to provide printed media for their annual events. It's a huge challenge to provide a group of artistic-minded individuals with a design which they can all agree on. We accomplished that feat year after year.

Due to the high cost of mass mailing to all of their members and associates, they have scaled back on the print media and have chosen (like many businesses today) to opt for a more digital approach. We've been able to help scale their web site to provide them with an efficient means of circulating their event information and all necessary forms associated with those events.

While doing this may have reduced our revenue, it was crucial to help our client grow and maintain a cost efficient line of communication to their associates and members.

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